Portrait fusion
Collaboration with Geraldine Aresteanu, photographer,
and Claire Deniau, painter.

Portrait fusion combines photography and painting. The background painted on fabric and the photographed model merge to create a hybrid work.
In the history of portrait painting, the painted background is never anodyne; subject and colours are designed to complement the model. In the 19th century, models were photographed in front of a background that was painted on fabric or on wood.
In this project the two artists join this legacy to propose a contemporary reading.

Claire Deniau meets the person before the shooting. From this encounter she paints a background - inspired by this exchange – which reveals her own perception of the person at that moment.
Then the model is invited to the studio to be photographed with this background by Geraldine Aresteanu.
The painting and the model intermingle freely, guided by the eye of Geraldine and the desire of the person photographed.
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